Zimbabwean-born Michael Moyo has always had diverse interests: from an early age, he developed a love for literature and talent for rugby. Michael or “Jos” or “Moyo”, as he is affectionately known, also credits playing rugby at provincial and league level as a significant part of his life. After moving from Pretoria to Cape Town, Michael’s other passion- food and hospitality- started taking shape.

Let’s get to know Michael a little better.




1. How did you discover Damhuis Restaurant and when did you become part of the team?

After moving from Pretoria to Cape Town, my passion for and experience in hospitality grew significantly.  After conducting a little research on restaurants with diverse menus and celebrated South African cuisine, I came across Damhuis Restaurant, and it landed on top of my list. I applied for the job in person; fortunately, I got a call and went for interviews, and on the 12th of October 2017, I officially joined the Damhuis family.

2. How would you describe the vibe at Damhuis Restaurant?

I feel it’s the level of professionalism and respect that my workmates in different departments demonstrate towards one another that creates a jovial vibe at Damhuis Restaurant. The diversity and the systems put in place facilitates a wonderful working environment, despite differences in colour, nationality and backgrounds. To me, that’s a vibe I’ve only encountered at Damhuis.

3. What part of your job to you enjoy the most?

Having worked as a waiter at several places, I can say it’s the competitiveness amongst the waiting staff that I enjoy the most. Working with a united family of different personalities, while each member plays their role effectively, results in us delivering the best service possible. That’s what I enjoy most about my job. When a customer walks through the Damhuis doors, we are more than psyched to give them a “Damhuis Experience”. Not to mention, a well-deserved slice of carrot cake after a long shift is also something I enjoy…. 

4. Is there anything specific you do to make customers feel at home?

Being genuine with clients and not rushing them always helps. Cracking a joke or merely asking, “How was your day?”, shows the sincere act of caring, which makes them feel at home.

5. We’ve heard that the Damhuis is haunted. Have you spotted any ghosts?

I’ve been there for a while, and I have not seen any, but if by any chance it’s there, I guess “she” is a friendly and protective one.

6. Can you tell us about the funniest customer experience you’ve had?

Once, a customer tried their luck by asking to substitute their French fries on a chicken supreme in exchange for a free chicken schnitzel. After explaining how one gets charged for extras and how he was ordering two different meals, we found common ground, and he picked one dish. Long story short, when he was done with his food, I mean clean plate, he complained about the food and asked for a discount.

7. What’s the best thing about being a part of the Damhuis family?

Working side to side with an intertwined team in the spirit of Ubuntu

8. Happiness is…

… the result of personal effort and being grateful for what you already have while you pursue more in life.



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