Served between 09:00 and 11:15

Small Breakfast R50
One egg, fried tomato, rösti, one rasher of streaky bacon and one slice toast.

Medium Breakfast R64
Two eggs, streaky bacon, fried tomato, rösti and one slice toast.

Large Breakfast R85
Two eggs, streaky bacon, beef sausage and savoury mince, fried tomato, mushrooms, rösti and two slices of toast.

Poached Eggs Hollandaise R89
Two poached eggs set on toasted French bread topped with streaky bacon, Hollandaise sauce and balsamic-glazed tomatoes with fried button mushrooms.
– Add Salmon for R31 extra

Banting Benedict R91
Garlic-butter fried brown mushroom, topped with streaky bacon, two poached eggs, smothered in Hollandaise sauce served with balsamic glazed cherry tomatoes.

Health Breakfast R61
Granola muesli, freshly made fruit salad and your choice of either fruit-flavoured or Bulgarian yoghurt.

Creamy Eggs R80
Two hard-boiled eggs, sliced and topped with creamy Hollandaise sauce, served with streaky bacon and savoury mince or beef sausage and toast on the side.

Vegetarian Breakfast R67
One slice toast, smashed avocado (seasonal), fried mushrooms, balsamic glazed tomatoes topped with a poached egg.
– Double Up R82
– Add Hollandaise Sauce: R27

Cold Slimmers Breakfast R72
Boiled egg, set on a tian of smoked salmon, served on a rocket and balsamic reduction accompanied by Hollandaise sauce, fresh tomato, onion, cucumber and toast.

Mince on Toast R78
Two slices of toast, topped with savoury mince, two eggs, and cheddar cheese on the side.

Basic Omelette R59
Three egged omelette with or without apricot jam and cheddar cheese or choose your extras from
the following:
– tomato, green pepper, onion, mushroom – R18 per filling
– ham, streaky bacon, mince – R31 per filling
– salmon – R31 per filling

French Toast R64
Two slices of French toast served with streaky bacon and cheddar cheese.

Scones R43
Served with fresh cream, cheddar cheese and a selection of preserves.

Toasted Sandwich served with fries R62
Ham and cheese/cheese and tomato/chicken and mayo.
– Extra streaky bacon R16
– Extra avocado R16
– Extra chicken R16
– Extra egg R13
– Extra raw onion R13

Toast Options Available
– White, Brown, Whole-wheat – R10 per extra slice
– Banting – R17 per slice