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July 2018

Fish Pie Recipe from Damhuis: Recipes and Memories of a House


The Damhuis cookbook, Recipes and Memories of a House, is more than just a recipe book – it’s a collector’s item that captures the rich history of the Cape and celebrates delicious South African food, fresh ingredients and memories made around the table with family and friends. In addition to including beautifully constructed tales from [...]

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The History of the Visschuur: Recipes and Memories of a House


In 2018, Damhuis Restaurant released Recipes and Memories of a House, a collector’s item that features recipes curated by Executive Chef Stéfan Meintjes and co-author Dirk Nagtegaal and stories from the visionary writer Reinet Nagtegaal. Each chapter of the book includes essays from Nagtegaal that draw on available historical facts and embellished with elements of [...]

The History of the Visschuur: Recipes and Memories of a House2018-07-17T11:09:24+00:00

June 2018

Getting to Know Sous Chef Jacques du Toit


More often than not, the people behind the scenes aren’t really given the credit they deserve for their work, but at Damhuis Restaurant, we like to celebrate all our hard-working loyal staff member who help make Damhuis Restaurant one of the most popular eateries along the West Coast. This time, we get to know 28-year-old [...]

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May 2018

The Story Behind Our South African Recipe Book


Damhuis Restaurant in Melkbosstrand is a popular West Coast eatery that serves up fresh seafood and traditional South African cuisine. But it more than just a top family-friendly restaurant; it’s a piece of South African history. So to capture the essence of the Damhuis Restaurant’s past and present, the owners, Dirk and the late Reinet Nagtegaal, [...]

The Story Behind Our South African Recipe Book2018-06-02T12:36:17+00:00

April 2018

Is Damhuis Restaurant Haunted?


Cape Town is home to many historical sites and monuments, most of which are centuries old.  Many ghost stories have become Mother City legends over the years, with tales of spectres and apparitions becoming quite well-known. Some of the most famous Cape Town ghosts include ‘Daddy’ West, who lingers around the Green Point Lighthouse; Sister [...]

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March 2018

Cool Things to do with Kids in Cape Town


Smartphones and iPads are certainly taking over the world, and more and more children are turning to these devices for some fun and games in the digital realm. Sure, there are some benefits to children using these gadgets, but getting them out and about in the real world for some fresh air and physical activity [...]

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Easy Beef and Butternut Bobotie Recipe


If you were asked to think of a traditional South African dish, bobotie would undoubtedly come to mind. While the dish is of Indonesian origin, it wasn’t until the Cape Malay people spiced it up, so to speak, and gave us the traditional bobotie we know and love today. Over the years many home cooks [...]

Easy Beef and Butternut Bobotie Recipe2018-03-13T12:01:30+00:00

February 2018

Creamy Panna Cotta Recipe


Whether it’s said in an opera, a love poem, or whispered as sweet nothings, many say "I love you" is best said in Italian. But, we have to disagree. Nothing says “I love you” quite like an Italian dessert.  So, if you’re planning a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for your significant other, say those 3 magical words with our quick and easy [...]

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January 2018

Getting to Know Chief Operations Officer Steven Jooste


Steven Jooste grew up loving the ocean, so it only seems fitting then that he finds himself in the role of Chief Operations Officer for a seaside restaurant on the stunning West Coast. Steven is a key player at Damhuis because he ensures that the hotspot is the smooth sailing, well-oiled machine that it is.  [...]

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Delicious Mussel Chowder Recipe


Just thinking about mussel chowder makes your mouth water, right?  Well, we don’t blame you; the rich and creamy dish is incredibly delicious. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to prepare, and you can make your food fantasy a reality with this quick and easy mussel chowder recipe that’s been dreamt up  by our executive chef,  Stèfan [...]

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