If you’ve visited Damhuis Restaurant, you’ve probably seen extraordinary cocktail barman Julian Jacobs mixing and shaking one of our signature cocktails behind the bar.

The Stellenbosch-born mixologist used to spend weekends and school holidays playing soccer on the beach right in front of Damhuis Restaurant. And, after completing his studies at Proteus Technical High School, Julian found himself joining the Damhuis Restaurant family in 2014 as the resident cocktail barman.


Getting to Know Cocktail Barman Julian Jacobs a Little Better….


1. How would you describe the vibe at Damhuis Restaurant?

We are all very positive and optimistic people, so there is always this fun and happy vibe at Damhuis Restaurant

2. What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I would say to see my customers happy and satisfied.  I work hard and to see that is great!

3. If you could make a cocktail for anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

This will sound strange, but I would make one for Amy Winehouse. She has always been one of my favourite singers, and I know she would enjoy a good Rickstasy Cocktail with an extra dash of vodka….

4. How can you tell if a cocktail is good or not?

A good cocktail is usually followed by a smile and compliment after the first sip.  Also, a customer will always ask for another round if the cocktail is well-balanced.

5. If you had to create a cocktail inspired by Melkbosstrand, what would it contain?

I think something that represents the beach, sunshine and people would do the trick. I would go with my tequila orange juice, Blue Curacao and white rum.

6. What’s the best thing about being a part of the Damhuis Restaurant family?

Being part of a great team and working with people who understand you. I have learnt a lot from my colleagues.

7. Happiness is…

Doing what you love surrounded by people you love and learning every day.


cocktail barman Julian Jacobs Damhuis Restaurant

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